Does your baby have dry skin?

Baby Skin

If your baby’s skin is exposed to dry and cold weather or irritants, her skin barrier may be disrupted and she may develop dry skin.

Once the skin barrier is disrupted, moisture leaves and the skin becomes dry and scaly.

Environmental allergens (irritants from the baby’s surroundings) can also enter the skin and activate the immune system, producing inflammation that makes the skin red and itchy.

How to look after your little one's skin so it doesn't become dry?

Avoiding irritants, washing, dressing, moisturising:

Bath Time

• Make sure your baby’s bath is luke warm

• Don’t use ordinary soap as the ingredients may aggravate your baby’s dry skin. Wash your baby with luke warm water alone or use bath products that are specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin.

• Don’t use perfumed bubble bath or scented shampoo.

• When towelling dry, pat rather than rub her skin.

• Baby Bean Organics Certified Organic Baby Wash can help taking care of your baby’s bath time, using only gentle, hydrating and soothing ingredients for baby’s delicate skin.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

• Apply rich hydrating moisturiser/lotion on your baby's skin often

• Avoid perfumes, fragranced skin lotions or moisturiser

• Baby Bean Organics Certified Organic Baby Lotion and Oil can help to moisturise your baby’s skin after bathing and throughout the day when needed.