Glyceryl Oleate

Glyceryl Oleate is formed from a mixture of glycerine and oleic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid usually derived from olive, peanut or pecan oils.  Glycerin helps replenish and restore the skin but can cause dryness when used on its own. Combining it with oleic acid ensures that it prevents dryness instead of creating it.


Glyceryl Oleate is used in the Baby Bean Organics certified organic baby wash to stop ingredients from separating without drying out the delicate skin.

Helianthus annuus

(Sunflower) Oil

Sunflower oil or ‘Helianthus annuus’ is a plant oil that is extracted from the seeds of the sunflower. Sunflower oil is fragrance free, low irritant and rich in fatty acids. It is particularly rich in linoleic acid or polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid which helps maintain the barrier of the skin while reducing water loss. Linoleic acid is also reported to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce redness and irritation in dry skin. It is often recommended for use on eczema prone skin to soothe itching and improve the barrier function of the skin.

With these qualities, sunflower oil is a great choice for the Baby Bean Organics range.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is a naturally occurring organic acid, otherwise known as an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA. Traditionally derived from milk,  AHA’s help to exfoliate and smooth the surface of the skin by breaking down the materials that hold dead skin together for easy removal. Lactic acid also has water binding properties meaning that it helps skin hold onto moisture to prevent dryness.


Baby Bean Organics certified organic baby wash uses lactic acid in our certified organic baby wash to gently remove dirt, impurities and dead skin cells and leave skin smooth, clean and ready to be moisturised.

Limnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil

Meadowfoam seed oil or ‘Limnanthes alba’ is an antioxidant-rich oil that is cold pressed from the seeds of the Limnanthes alba plant.  Similar in structure and function to jojoba oil, it contains high levels of vitamin E, polyunsaturated fats and natural acids making it a popular choice for nourishing, moisturising skin care products.


The Baby Bean Organics range uses meadowfoam seed oil as it is non-greasy, packed with skin conditioning and softening properties and ideal for sensitive infant skin.

Olea europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is extracted from the leaf of the olive tree. Similar to olive oil, olive leaf extract contains a very high level of antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains a compound called Oleuropein which has been found to inhibit the growth and development of viruses. Olive leaf extract is an excellent skin conditioner that not only moisturises but improves and strengthens the condition of the skin itself.


The Baby Bean Organics range uses olive leaf extract to create effective skin care that actually promotes healthy looking skin.

Olea europaea

(Olive) Oil

Olive oil is extracted from the fruit of the Olea Europaea tree. A non-fragrant, low irritant plant oil, olive oil has a high level of essential fatty acids and antioxidants making it ideal for dry, sensitive skin. Research has also shown that olive oil can help prevent and protect against environmental and free radical damage. Olive oil is often used in skincare due to its skin conditioning abilities and texture which is rich and hydrating without being irritating.


Baby Bean Organics certified organic baby oil uses olive oil to create rich, hydrating products that slide onto the skin without being greasy or leaving behind a film.

Olive Oil

Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil

Avocado oil or ‘Persea gratissima’ is the oil extracted from dehydrated slices of avocado. Rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, D, E, emollients squalane and lecithin and fatty acids like omega-3, avocado oil has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and cellular regeneration properties. Avocado oil is commonly used to soothe irritated and itchy skin and to repair damage thanks to its high sterolin and oleic acid content. Sterolin helps soften and repair skin while plant based oleic acid mimics the skin’s own natural sebum.


The Baby Bean Organics range pairs avocado oil with coconut oil to hydrate and protect tender infant skin without leaving a greasy film on the skin or risking irritation.

Potassium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide is an alkaline ingredient used to moderate the pH of a skin care product. It is often used in soap and cleansing products as it is highly water soluble and does not dilute other ingredients. A small amount of potassium hydroxide is used in Baby Bean Organics certified organic baby lotion to ensure that the formulation remains perfectly balanced with a high concentration of undiluted natural ingredients.

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate

Sodium cocoyl glutamate is derived from coconut oil and fermented sugar and is useful due to its excellent cleansing and foaming capabilities. It is often used in natural skincare products instead of sodium lauryl sulfate.


Baby Bean Organics certified organic baby wash uses sodium cocoyl glutamate to create a soap free, pH balanced baby wash that gently but thoroughly cleans without irritation.


(Natural Vitamin E)

Natural vitamin E, otherwise known as ‘Tocopherol’ is a naturally occurring, fat soluble and easily absorbed antioxidant that is derived from vegetable oil. Vitamin E actually exists in 8 basic forms which come from natural sources or are created synthetically. Research has shown that vitamin E application can reduce free radical damage, promote healing, strengthen the skin’s barrier and prevent water loss by maintaining lipid balance.


The Baby Bean Organics range uses natural vitamin E to gently condition the skin and protect from natural irritants.


Water is used in various forms in skincare products. Usually listed as ‘distilled’ or ‘purified’ water, all water used in skin care and cosmetics products goes through a deionising or demineralising process to remove any components that could interfere with the stability and capabilities of the final product.


A small amount of purified water is used in the Baby Bean Organics certified organic baby lotion as a solvent or to ensure a safe balance of active ingredients within our products.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a naturally occurring ingredient derived from glucose or corn syrup. It is often used to help prevent skin care products from separating into oil and liquid parts. Xanthan gum also naturally thickens the products that it is added to meaning that very thin and difficult to disperse or apply liquids or lotions can be bottled and used.


The Baby Bean Organics range uses xanthan gum to bind and create easy-to-use, certified organic baby wash and lotion that is packed with nourishing, skin-loving ingredients.